UAE to witness more rainfall this week, says NCM

After heavy rainfall and devastating floods in the Northern UAE, rain is predicted to persist in a few parts of the United Arab Emirates this week.

After heavy rainfall and devastating floods in the Northern UAE, rain is predicted to persist in a few parts of the United Arab Emirates this week.

The weather conditions around the Emirates will be cloudy and dusty till Thursday, with slight rains in the east, stated the weekly weather bulletin from the National Centre of Meteorology.


On Monday, temperatures in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are forecasted to hit highs of 44°C, while in Fujairah, they will touch 35°C.

The weather centre on Sunday stated that it would be dusty as well as partly cloudy to cloudy at times, with a slight chance of rainy convective clouds forming in the eastern region by afternoon extending to some inland and southern regions.

Slight to moderate south-easterly to north-easterly winds are expected to be fresh and strong at various times, causing blown dust and sand at a speed of around 20 to 30 kilometres per hour and reaching as high as 45kph.

The weather conditions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will persist in being hot on Tuesday, August 2, with a slight rise in temperatures in Fujairah.

The NCM stated, “The weather conditions will be dusty and partly cloudy again. By afternoon, there will also be a chance of some convective cloud formations in the east, spreading to some inland regions and bringing rain showers.”

On Wednesday, there are chances of more clouds by afternoon in the eastern part of UAE, and some southern areas can witness rainfall.


The temperature will be 41°C in Dubai, 43°C in Abu Dhabi, and 37°C in Fujairah.

On August 4, Thursday, the weather is forecasted to be around the same, with highs of 40°C in Dubai and 42°C in Abu Dhabi.


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