Adidas collaborates with Dubai’s famous Pakistani eatery, “Ravi Restaurant”

Adidas, the sportswear company well known worldwide, has disclosed a new partnership with a Dubai-based Ravi Restaurant.

Adidas, the sportswear company well known worldwide, has disclosed a new partnership with a Dubai-based Ravi Restaurant.

The Adidas Originals Superstar trainer is all set to make the Superstar Ravi, in the colours of white and green of the restaurant, an indication of the Pakistani flag.


Ravi Restaurant is a pocket-friendly spot in a Dubai institution that was launched in 1978 in Satwa.

It has been serving cheap, delicious Pakistani food to several of its customers, from Snoop Dogg to One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, as well as all manner of Bollywood, Hollywood and sports stars.

Moreover, it is a must-visit location on most visitors’ itineraries and is a favourite among UAE citizens.

The Dubai institution is now immortalised with its pair of Original Superstar shoes.

With its unusual shell-toe design, the new shoe has the renowned Adidas trefoil green stripes, similar to the heel tab and the laces.

The name of the restaurant is embroidered on the heel tab with the year the restaurant opened, written in English on one shoe and in Arabic on the other.


To complete the effect of the restaurant, each pair of shoes is sold in a unique takeaway box, which comes with a tag labelled with the famed Ravi logo.

Ravi Restaurant is one of only 11 diners from around the globe to get this culinary-themed privilege.

While fans of the eatery will say this is a long-overdue recognition, it is, in fact, part of a new project by Adidas called “adilicious”, which honours famous places to eat around the world.

Choosing just 11 restaurants in 11 cities, each has been selected for the exceptional contribution made to building and connecting a local community.

It is all set to launch on June 23, and the new shoes will be available online through the Adidas site and at selected stores.


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