UAE ranks first globally in terms of business skills of its workforce

The United Arab Emirates has ranked first in the world in terms of the business skills of its workforce, as per a recent report by Coursera, a US online education company.

The United Arab Emirates has ranked first in the world in terms of the business skills of its workforce, as per a recent report by Coursera, a US online education company.

The nation has also ranked highly in terms of business skills like strategy and operations, entrepreneurship, leadership and management and communication, as per the Global Skills Report 2022, which considered the skills of over 100 million learners in 102 nations during the last year.


Regarding overall skills, the UAE was the highest-placed nation in the Mena region and 23rd in the world.

Coursera stated in a report, “The UAE has been gearing up for the post-oil era with a more diversified, high-skill economy.”

“This bet has paid off, with expertness levels in the UAE consistently leading the area for the second year. However, education leaders will require to address faults in technology and data science skills.”

The UAE has been consistently investing in forming a knowledge-based economy as it sets sight on greater economic diversification.

The government’s expansion of its 10-year golden visa aims to incentivise professionals to move to the United Arab Emirates and promote the development of skills in the country’s current high-calibre talent pool.

In the UAE, Coursera gives services to the Abu Dhabi School of Government, Abu Dhabi’s Department of Government Support, as well as Khalifa University via assessing online courses from the top university in the world, providing people with the skills required in a workplace that is being changed by the emerging technology.


By the mid of this decade, an assessed 85 million jobs may vanish. In contrast, 97 million new ones will occur as automation, and digital technology revolutionise in every industry said Coursera.

According to the World Economic Forum, the digital transformation of economies and companies will substitute 75 million jobs as the department of labour shifts between humans, machines and algorithms.

Tariq Saeed


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