Dubai: The Palm Hotel breaks The Guinness World Record, builds tower from 54,740 champagne glasses

Dubai hotel Atlantis, The Palm and French fine winery Moët & Chandon introduced the New Year -2022 with a record-breaking entry.

Dubai hotel Atlantis, The Palm and French fine winery Moët & Chandon introduced the New Year -2022 with a record-breaking entry. They both joined their hands to break a new Guinness world record.

The world record was created during the Effervescence event series at the WHITE Beach, Atlantis, The Palm.


They erected the largest glass pyramid to enrol their names in the Guinness World Record. They made a tower from as many as 54,740 champagne glasses, around 8.23 metres tall. The team took approximately 55 hours to complete the structure.

The hotel has shared the pictures of the record-breaking tower on social media.

The official wrote, “All eyes were on the towering structure as we officially broke the Guinness World Record for “Largest Drinking Glass Pyramid”.”

The officials of The Guinness World Record have confirmed the record on their site; the site read, “All eyes were fixed on this towering structure as we officially broke the Guinness World Record.”

One of The Guinness World Record assistances, Pravin Patel, claimed that “It was a pleasure watching this level of teamwork and dedication… To create this level of magnitude certainly needed a considerable amount of planning and organising.”

Timothy Kelly, the executive vice president and managing director of Atlantis Resorts and Residences, during an interview, said, “We would like to toast the New Year with the champagne glass tower, which is a symbol of greatness and generosity.”


The last day of witnessing the glass tower was January 1, 2022. Dubai hotels have been famous for their locations, luxury accommodations, underwater pools and many more. Now, the items in the list have been increased by the entry of The Guinness World Record.

The prior world record was made at Madrid in 2017 with 50,116 glasses. Indeed, it is a new way to welcome the New Year.

Tariq Saeed


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