Dubai Police helps in reunion of Mother with her son after 15 years

Dubai Police has been successful in reuniting a son with his mother after a long term of 15 years. 

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Mother’s love is eternal and gives us strength, while there are several people who do not have this blessing or either live apart. In such a case, Dubai Police has been successful in reuniting a son with his mother after a long term of 15 years. 

According to the police authorities, the mother came to know that her son was moving via Dubai International Airport, who lived in another country. Showing the old picture of her son to the Dubai Police officers, the Arab woman requested them to find his son and help her to meet him, who was on his way to visit India. 


The reports claimed the lady’s son was going to an Asian country for medical treatment.  

Brig Hamouda Al Ameri holds the position of the acting director of the general department of airport security at Dubai Police, asserted, “The mother contacted the force requesting to meet her son, who was flying to India to receive medical treatment,” adding, “She confirmed she had not seen him for the last 15 years owing to unavoidable circumstances.”  

Brig Hamouda further expressed the keenness of Dubai police in assisting the mother to meet his son, saying, “We had the old picture of woman’s son and searched for him in the transit area in Terminal 2. We found him and brought the mother to see her son.”  

“In the UAE, we are raised on the values of mercy and tolerance, and these deeds have become an obligation,” underlined Brig Hamouda, following the above statement. 

Meeting his son after so long, the lady appreciated and thanked the efforts of the Dubai Police officers.  

Dubai Police always win the hearts of people across the globe with their sweet gestures, whether it is fulfilling the dream of a 4-years-old, giving him the experience of becoming an officer, eradicating e-beggars, or assisting in reunions. 



Tariq Saeed

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