Baharain set to host German Arab Exhibition for pharmaceutical industries and medical supplies in 2023

The Minister of Health examines the preparations of the Kingdom of Bahrain to host the conference and German Arab Exhibition for the pharmaceutical industries and medical supplies in 2023

The Minister of Health examines the preparations of the Kingdom of Bahrain to host the conference and German Arab Exhibition for the pharmaceutical industries and medical supplies in 2023.

Her Excellency Dr Jalila, the daughter of Mr Jawad Hassan, the Minister of Health, has confirmed the importance of organizing and hosting medical and health conferences in the Kingdom of Bahrain and exchanging experiences with specialists related to the sector from different countries of the world, which contributes to the enhancement and enrichment of medical capabilities and knowledge, and providing A supportive environment for national qualifications to find the best innovative solutions, thus enhancing Of the effectiveness and sustainability of the health system.


This came during the meeting of Her Excellency at her office in the Ministry of Health and in the presence of His Excellency Dr Maryam bint Azbi Al-Jalahma, Executive Chairman of the National Body for Health Care and Occupations, both Dr Abdullah Badr Al-Sada, the Executive Chairman of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Dr Abdul Aziz Al-Mukhalafi General Secretary of the German Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In order to research the preparations of the Kingdom Bahrain to host the conference and Arab German exhibition for the pharmaceutical industries and medical supplies, which will be held under the auspices of the team, Dr Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Health, during 2023.

His Excellency, the Minister of Health, clarified that the hosting of the Kingdom of Bahrain for this conference comes under Decision No. (5) issued of the regular session (57) of the Council of Arab Health Ministers, held on May 22, 2022, in the Swiss capital Geneva on the margins of the 5th and 7th World Health Association N, a sign of her happiness that the Kingdom of Bahrain has begun to host.

This conference and exhibition contribute to enhancing the exchange of experiences among participants in the fields of pharmaceutical, medical supplies, the vaccine industry and healthcare-related technology and improving the position of the Kingdom of Bahrain in this field.


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