Dubai Tourism partners up with Afrozons Radio and Sheila O. to celebrate Black diaspora

Recently, Dubai Tourism collaborated with Afrozons Radio and host Sheila O. to make Afrozons Dubai Soundoff a travel experience that is dedicated to the Black diaspora.

Recently, Dubai Tourism collaborated with Afrozons Radio and host Sheila O. to make Afrozons Dubai Soundoff a travel experience that is dedicated to the Black diaspora.

Afrozons Dubai Soundoff is a luxury travel experience brought up by the Dubai Tourism Board in collaboration with Afrozons Radio and host Sheila O. to publicise the coming together of the Black diaspora in Dubai.


However, this one of a kind journey is not confined to people living in the UAE.

Afrozons Dubai Soundoff is planned to promote the merger of Black nations and people of Black descent worldwide.

Varieties of activities will be held in this festival, including a welcome reception, dune camel rides, an Afrobeat concert, parties, safari excursions, dinners, and panels featuring heavy-hitting superstars from 14 countries, including the United States, Kenya, Ghana, the United Kingdom, and more.

The objective of the festival is to completely inaugurate Dubai as a top destination for the Black diaspora to relish their lives.

Sheila O., whose real name is Sheila Okonji-Ashinze, is well-known music and entertainment personality and tycoon who made history in 2017 as the first global female media personality to launch an Afrobeat radio show, Afrozons, to major U.S radio stations.

Afrozons Dubai Soundoff was imagined by Sheila O., who rallied the aid of Dubai’s Department for Economy and Tourism.


They successfully brought together around 500 individuals to Dubai in March 2022 to participate in Black culture in a new city. Celebrities and radio personalities like Loni Love, Big Tigger, and Dj Bay took part in the event. In contrast, many other personalities from the U.K. and Africa, including Angola, Zambia, Tanzania, and Nigeria, also pulled up to the enjoyment.

While seeing her vision come true, Sheila O. explained working with the Dubai Tourism Board to bring Black tourists to Dubai as a fantasy.

“I am a girl born in Lagos, Nigeria. I was raised in London. Yes, I do live in Chicago, but Dubai is a dream come true,” she stated.

Based on the event’s success, Dubai plans on welcoming Black tourists to the City of Gold yearly through Afrozons Dubai Soundoff, with sweepstakes to win a trip to the venture potential to start about the fourth quarter of this year.

The marketing CEO for the Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce, Issam Kazim, told Black Enterprise. “It is a proud moment to have Afrozons here in Dubai, celebrating here with us in a city that [has] over 200 distinct nationalities that call Dubai their home.”

Tariq Saeed


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