DUBAI: Two accused sentenced to three years of prison for forcing a woman into prostitution

The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced a woman and man to three years in prison for drawing a woman and forcing her into the work of prostitution.

The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced a woman and man to three years in prison for drawing a woman and forcing her into the work of prostitution.

The case was filed last year in August when the victim reported a complaint to police saying that she was held in an apartment in Dubai and was forced to give sexual services to various men.


As per the report of the victim, a female friend brought her from her hometown to work for a family in the city of Dubai to help them with routine housework and take care of their mother, who was blind.

Her friend, who is the accused, covered all her travel expenses, even including the visa expenses.

The victim told the police officers that the accused friend, along with another person, came to receive her at the airport and took her to an important where several other women were also staying.

The victim then went into utter shock when her friend told her that she had brought her here for the purpose of prostitution and even threatened her to assault her if she refused to do so.

The accused friend continued to threaten her to beat her up with a group of men if she resisted in doing this work.

The victim disclosed during the investigation that she somehow managed to escape as she was being taken to another Emirate, where she asked a passerby for help and to take her to the nearest police station.


The police team was able to identify the two accused in this case on the basis of gathered evidence.

As per the CID officer who was involved in this case’s investigation, he made a plan to arrest the two accused. He contacted the woman (accused) for her services in exchange for Dh50.

She was captured when she came for the meeting.


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