Sharjah Police warns UAE residents not to fall prey to rumours about job vacancies

On Thursday, the Sharjah Police warned people not to become victims to rumours about job vacancies in the department after fake news was circulated on the internet.

The police have urged people not to fall prey to any news circulated on social media sites and to check the credibility and reliability of the news and information present on the internet.


According to a tweet posted by the department’s official handle, they have requested interested candidates to visit the official website of the department to check vacancies and recruitment news. The official website of the Dubai Police is

The tweet by the Sharjah Police can be loosely translated as “Sharjah Police call for accuracy and not being dragged behind rumours deny the authenticity of a circulating post”.

The police department has further said that strict action would be taken against the one responsible for spreading such rumours under Article 52. As per Article 52 of the law, if anyone uses the internet or any of the social media platform to disseminate, publish or circulate rumours and false news, which would mislead the residents of the nation will be strictly punished by the authorities by imprisonment for at least a year and fined by Dh 100,000.

And if the same agitate public opinion against state authorities and takes place during the pandemic or disaster, the accused would be behind bars for at least two years and fined Dh 200,000.


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