UAE: Dust warning issued in some areas by forecasters

Forecasters have passed a dust warning, which will reduce visibility in some regions on Tuesday, 24 May, in the United Arab Emirates.

Forecasters have passed a dust warning, which will reduce visibility in some regions on Tuesday, 24 May, in the United Arab Emirates.

The western parts of the nation will be the most affected, as per the National Centre of Meteorology.


The warning comes after the NCM estimated many days of dusty weather because of a system that was over Iraq, Syria and northern Saudi Arabia and will further move towards the Arabian Gulf. Kuwait has also been impacted, causing the suspension of flights due to severe weather conditions.

The NCM stated north-westerly winds reaching speeds of almost 40 kilometres per hour and will kick up dust clouds on Tuesday in some parts of the UAE.

The temperature in the area will be rising up to 40°C in Abu Dhabi and 38°C in Dubai. It will be much hotter in the southern part, with highs of upto 45°C. Weather conditions will be mild to rough in the Arabian Gulf but steady around the Sea of Oman.

The weather will be the same on Wednesday, 25 May, with conditions predicted to stay until the weekend.

Conditions for the rest of the week will stay in the high 30s around the coast, falling slightly on Friday. The area has been caught in dust storms over the last couple of weeks.

Government officials and experts have said that climate change is one of the main factors behind the flurry of dust storms hitting Iraq.


Dust storms in Iraq continue to bring cities to a standstill condition in the UAE and have been less serious, but the nation has experienced many patches of dusty weather.

These mainly occur during the months of summer as well as in stormy weather, like during the change of season from winter to spring, when high temperatures cause strong winds.

Tariq Saeed


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