UAE Weather update: Showers predicted during the weekend with strong winds

Citizens and Residents in the United Arab Emirates witnessed low clouds and high humidity on Wednesday morning, July 5, with more unsettled weather predicted during the weekend.

Citizens and Residents in the United Arab Emirates witnessed low clouds and high humidity on Wednesday morning, July 5, with more unsettled weather predicted during the weekend.

Temperatures in Dubai were stable at 36ºC and 35ºC in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, but because of the moisture in the air, it felt like 44ºC, reported forecaster AccuWeather.

The lowest temperature recorded was in Jabal Jais, Ras Al Khaimah, at around 24.4°C.

The National Centre of Meteorology provided a forecast for rain during the morning with strong winds that could be as high as 45kmph.

This could cause low visibility due to dust, particularly in the east and south of the UAE. The weather warning was issued from 9 am to 9 pm. Police asked people to drive safely.

Few regions of the UAE saw continuous rains for two days straight, and these are predicted to continue throughout the week and weekend.

As per the five-day weather forecast that was provided by the NCM (National Centre of Meteorology), the cloudy weather conditions will continue till Sunday, June 10. Temperatures are assumed to fall today and tomorrow, with the possibility of rainfall during the next five days.

Showers are predicted over internal, coastal, eastern as well as southern areas. Winds with top speeds of 40kmph are anticipated to kick up dust till Sunday.

NCM further predicts that maximum temperatures will touch 39°C in Dubai and 42°C in Abu Dhabi during the next few days.

Low-pressure systems are hovering around from India, which is in the mid of its monsoon season.

Some of such systems also cause the phenomenon called as ‘Khareef’, which motivates plant growth and also turns parts of southern Oman green. It can also bring showers to the UAE.

Oman has also been hit by storms and winds during the last few days.


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