Man fined 100,000 Dirham for posting insulting tweets against company

An individual in Dubai faced a fine of 100,000 Dirham (Rs 20,30,508) for posting tweets against a group and its manager.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: An individual in Dubai faced a fine of 100,000 Dirham (Rs 20,30,508) for posting tweets against a group and its manager. The penalty was imposed on the individual on Friday, citing that the posts he posted were offensive for the company and its reputation, as per the local media.  

The fine comes after the manager of the firm filed a civil lawsuit against the defendant in which he demanded compensation of around 10.1 million dirhams (Rs 20,53,66,841). As per the manager, the man insulted and laughed at the manager and his firm via his personal account. 


The tweets of the man included words such as “swindler, loser, and thief“. 

The reports of the local media note the individual gave the contract to the Dubai-based firm for building his villa in the capital city only, but after a while, a commercial case against the man was filed by the company. 

According to the firm’s claims, the individual repudiated to expend the whole payment, which was discussed in the contract to build the villa. 

During the police interrogation, the man accepted that he was the one defaming the company on social media via his personal Twitter account. Dubai court, hearing the case, fined the individual worth 3,000 Dirham (Rs 61,000). 

Afterwards, the manager of the firm again filed a civil case for compensation, after which the court ordered the man to pay 100,000 Dirham (Rs 20,30,508). 

Dubai court, in its ruling, found and announced the man guilty of defaming and insulting the manager as well as of the company. Although, the name of the company and defendant has not been revealed. 




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