Middle East: InterSearch Worldwide elects Ehab Hassan as the new chairman

On Friday, the InterSearch Worldwide, an alliance of executive search companies, elected Ehab Hassan as the chairman of the Middle East.

On Friday, the InterSearch Worldwide, an alliance of executive search companies, elected Ehab Hassan as the chairman of the Middle East.

Managing director of the Middle East, Samantha Robinson, said, “The Company has been very pleased to allow Ehab to join our executive leadership team as a chairman of the Middle East. Our company shows confidence in him that his experience, deep knowledge and leadership quality would help in the growth of our four offices in the Middle East.”


“Ehab’s extensive experience would provide the invaluable insights of the company and will support the clients to change with top talent.”

On this latest selection, InterSearch stated that as a future-focused organisation, we look forward to under the leadership of Ehab, the InterSearch Middle East and Shareek interim management will succeed to the next phase of the development.

On recruited as the chairman of the Middle East, Mr Hassan said that he is excited to become the head of the fast-growing international search firms in the region, and he excitedly looks forward to understanding the need of the target clients.

InterSearch has been recruiting into the Middle for the last 22 years, following opening the head office in Dubai in 1998. Since that term, the association has been working with clients in other Middle East countries, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq and UAE.


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