SpiceJet flight to Dubai from Delhi diverted to Pakistan’s Karachi due to technical fault

A SpiceJet aircraft flying from Delhi to Dubai was diverted to Karachi in Pakistan airport as it faced a technical glitch as its indicator light malfunctioned on Tuesday, July 6.

A SpiceJet aircraft flying from Delhi to Dubai was diverted to Karachi in Pakistan airport as it faced a technical glitch as its indicator light malfunctioned on Tuesday, July 6.

Another aircraft, a Boeing 737 Max plane, has been sent to Karachi that will take the passengers to Dubai.


In a release, SpiceJet’s spokesperson stated that the aircraft landed safely in Pakistan and no one was hurt.

No emergency was announced during the incident or the aftermath.

There was also no information on the malfunction of the aircraft. The airline company stated that refreshments were provided to the passengers. All travellers were sent to the transit lounge after the landing.

Engineers were reviewing and trying to find a solution to the issue with the aircraft.

Pakistan’s civil aviation authority (CAA) stated that the aircraft would be approved for flight only after the aircraft engineers passed a clearance report.

The CAA of Pakistan said that the plane landed in Karachi at 8:03 am (local time) after being airborne for 53 minutes. It has been on the ground for the last four hours. Passengers are being looked after. The plane is parked in the specified area where engineers are assessing the problem.”


The DGCA said in a statement that the cabin crew of the SpiceJet flight witnessed an unusual drop in fuel quantity from the left tank of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft while it was in the air. It stated the crew took out the appropriate non-normal checklist as well after the finding of the problem.

The DGCA further stated that the fuel quantity kept on reducing, and the aircraft was diverted to Karachi in coordination with ATC. During the inspection, no visual leak was found from the left main tank.

During the last few months, the aviation company recorded three such incidents where their planes faced technical difficulties while airborne.


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