UAE: Shaabiat Al Cartoon, popular animated series, becomes an NFT collection

A famous Emirati animated series has been provided with its own NFT collection in an effort to educate people about recent digital trends.

A famous Emirati animated series has been provided with its own NFT collection in an effort to educate people about recent digital trends.

Ten characters from the long-running comedy show Shaabiat Al Cartoon will get featured in 9,999 pieces of special NFTs or non-fungible tokens.


The animated series, launched in 2006, has now become a Ramadan staple.

The show features Emiratis residing in Dubai and addresses cultural and social issues with humour.

The NFTs are being released under the Crypto Arabs Project, which will provide insights into the rise of these digital tokens, cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 via its ‘Learn to Earn’ initiative.

Individuals can join Crypto Arabs by purchasing an NFT. The price of the tokens has not been yet disclosed.

Princess Nejla bint Asem of Jordan and Sheikh Humaid Bin Khalid Al Qasimi were the first members of this Crypto Arabs Community.

They were introduced with artwork that is based on the final collection, which will de be disseminated upon mint.


Sheikh Humaid stated that it is an honour to be a part of the project, which is so profoundly valued around education.

The knowledge they will give the community is priceless. It is essential for people in this region to be well educated and included in finance’s future. Crypto Arabs have a robust network of leaders in the Web 3 space.

The project is led by the chief executive of Lead Ventures, Mohamed Al Banna; founder of Crypto Oasis, Ralf Glabischnig and founder of Karma Innovations, Adi K Mishra.

He stated members would profit from monthly masterclasses and Q&A sessions.

He also said that with each masterclass community members complete, they would be rewarded with partner tokens.

Glabischnig stated that a percentage of the profits from the sale of the collectables would be donated to Rashid Centre for People of Determination and other charities.

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