Mandatory PCR tests required for attendants of Eid Al Adha celebrations

Pilgrims in the United Arab Emirates have been asked to take PCR tests before the celebrations of Eid Al Adha set to take place this weekend.

Pilgrims in the United Arab Emirates have been asked to take PCR tests before the celebrations of Eid Al Adha set to take place this weekend.

People have been urged to do so to support the nation’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


According to the authorities, people must assure they are tested no earlier than 72 hours before participating in gatherings to safeguard the health of family and friends in the community, particularly the elders.

During a coronavirus briefing on Monday, July 4, the public was asked to stay committed to safety measures to help recover from the pandemic.

The National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (Ncema) spokesperson, Dr Taher Al Ameri, stated it would monitor compliance with regulations to limit the virus’s spread.

The celebrations of Eid Al Adha will start on Saturday, July 9. The workers of the public and private sectors will be given a holiday from Friday, July 8, till Monday, July 11.

Work will be resumed on July 12, Tuesday.

Dr Al Ameri stated the government knew that a few had neglected COVID-19 regulations in public places.


Daily infections have risen during recent weeks and have touched 1600 daily since June 23.

Cases dropped significantly below 200 during the start of May.

During the briefing, protocols of Covid-19 for the festival and pilgrims participating in Hajj were laid out.

It was told that the time for prayers at mosques would be set around 20 minutes.

Worshippers must wear a mask and maintain a proper distance of one metre from each other. There must be no physical contact, like handshakes between worshippers.

The briefing stated that people coming back from Hajj should follow preventive measures and stay at home for almost seven days after arrival.

Conducting a Covid-19 PCR test on return from Saudi Arabia to airports in the Emirates will be optional but compulsory if there is a suspected corona infection.

However, a test will be compulsory for all pilgrims on the fourth day of their return or as soon as symptoms occur.


Tariq Saeed


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