Abu Dhabi Police officers receive prestigious ACTAR international accreditation
Abu Dhabi Police officers receive prestigious ACTAR international accreditation || image credits: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Nine (9) experts from the Traffic and Patrol Directorate officials of the Central Operations Sector in the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police have received ACTAR International Accreditation Certificate from Northwestern University, USA, which qualifies them to become world experts in road accident recovery.

According to recent information, during the meeting, the Director General of the Abu Dhabi Police, General Maktoum Ali Al-Sharifi, expressed his appreciation for what he achieved through the global achievement of sportsmanship. 


He emphasized that the sportsmanship follows the supervisory plan of Abu Dhabi police to invest in technical development in monitoring and analyzing traffic accidents and collecting traffic reports according to internationally recognized standards.

In addition, the reports also confirmed that the plan introduced by the Abu Dhabi Police enhances the standards of institutional international reputation following updates and supervising the future. Furthermore, Director General Al Sharifi stressed precautions to be taken while meeting with a road accident and its recovery process.

On his part, the Director General of Abu Dhabi Police appreciated the continued support from the wise leadership of human capital and motivating citizen cadres to excellence and achieve advanced levels in all spheres. Meanwhile, he expressed appreciation of the police leadership for global achievements about the importance of international reliance on traffic experts.

Moreover, he also acknowledged the positive reflections on providing accurate reports on knowing the root causes of traffic accidents by scientific methods, which contributes to the development of traffic accident outcomes in a scientific manner and geometric analysis of fatal accidents.

In his remarks, Major General Ahmed Saif bin Zaytun Al-Muhairy, Central Operations Sector, clarified that the reports to be prepared by experts in Abu Dhabi police after obtaining international recognition will comply with the scientific standards approved in building traffic accidents.

Additionally, he stated that the reports would contribute to the development of fatal accident outcomes and the accuracy of reporting, relying on world experts and specialists in Abu Dhabi police traffic accidents in traffic safety.


Colonel Engineer Ahmed Nasir Al-Zaidi, Director of the Department of Traffic Engineering and Road Safety, noted that the affiliates had completed the program requirements and have been able to obtain international certification to become experts in incident reconstruction from ACTAR.

In the end, he also praised their outstanding efforts as a sign that their achievement reflects the leadership of Abu Dhabi Police in providing Capabilities that stimulate excellence and leadership and invest in a qualified and exceptional human workforce.


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