Jorge Masvidal Drops to No. 5 in Latest UFC Rankings!!

UFC: Quickly after Kamaru Usman revealed Jorge Masvidal for his fourth-level title defense, Conor McGregor slightly included himself into the discussion again.
Like he usually does such kind on big UFC events, Conor tried to take a few of the spotlights from UFC 261 by insisting that – welterweight champion was solely imitating his punches. He used the Poirier fight to represent him while throwing direct punches, but Kamaru was smart to point out that he lost the battle by TKO. Exactly as he did with Diaz in the previous month, Conor just again resorted to passing more baseless steroid allegations.

Not certainly known as a striker, our UFC welterweight champion landed a big right hand that left Masvidal instinct before he came onto the floor for round two of their pay-per-view headliner.
Masvidal (35-14 MMA, 12-7 UFC) states Usman (19-1 MMA, 14-0 UFC) set up the blast with complete fulfillment, and he had a thought that he had to be defending a takedown rather than a large right hand.


“While I looked at it, and I was like ‘Wow, perfect timing,’” Jorge stated on the new edition of Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show. That misleading – I thought he was going in for it, and when I understood it was not a shot, it was too delayed. I was throwing my check left hook, but already it was too late. I read the news mistake, so he traded it to me beautifully, and that is why maybe he got that results.
Two days following the contest, Jorge announced he is physically fine. With only a little more than six minutes of cage time in the match, he did not suffer any long-term damage and is uneasy to get back. Nevertheless, after the first knockout of his career, Masvidal announced he will not rush back to the cage.

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