UAE Floods: MBRGI starts distributing 10,000 ration cards, 50,000 food parcels to affected people

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, a charity organisation in the UAE, has begun distributing 50,000 food parcels and 10,000 ration cards to those people who were affected due to flash floods which hit the nation last week.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI), a charity organisation in the UAE, has begun distributing 50,000 food parcels and 10,000 ration cards to those people who were affected due to flash floods which hit the nation last week.

In partnership with the United Arab Emirates Food Band and the Fujairah Charity Association, the philanthropic group vowed to help families as well as residents who went through the disruption caused due to the heavy rainfall, particularly those in Fujairah.


The campaign strives to provide relief aid by disseminating 10,000 ration cards which enable its holders to purchase basic supplies and provide food parcels to beneficiaries.

This recent initiative from MBRGI will provide welcome relief to those still rebounding from the rough weather conditions, mainly workers and those whose businesses and homes were wrecked due to floods.

Wealthy family members, government officials and people from around the UAE have rallied together in the last week to help revive some normality in the Eastern area after it was shattered due to heavy rain showers, which led to flash flooding.

During the weekend, several volunteers took to the streets in Fujairah to help clean left behind debris and rainwater after the flash floods.

Over 650 individuals equipped with brushed and buckets came out in their droves to help clean streets and homes of muddy water and debris after the summer rain, which was the heaviest rainfall recorded in the UAE in the last three decades.

The government of the UAE has also set up a website for residents in Fujairah to register the damages and losses which they have incurred due to flash floods.


Several residents and citizens of Fujairah were provided with temporary shelters and were sent back only after it was ensured that their home was safe to stay in.


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