Leading-edge robotic spinal surgery performed in Abu Dhabi by Emirati doctor

A UAE neurosurgeon has executed a leading-edge robotic spinal surgery in Abu Dhabi, a one-of-its-kind process for the Middle East as well as Africa.

A UAE neurosurgeon has executed a leading-edge robotic spinal surgery in Abu Dhabi, a one-of-its-kind process for the Middle East as well as Africa.

The operation led by Dr Abdul Salam Al Belushi is the beginning of what is hoped will be extensive use of robotic technology in the UAE neurosurgery field, with surgeons in the nation trained in the technique.


For Dr Al Belushi himself, carrying out the work in his hometown is a significant milestone after 25 years of training and practising as a neurosurgeon in the United States.

He stated that this is the first place in the whole Middle East and Africa where this operation has been carried out, and that too by an Emirati neurosurgeon.

Dr Belushi stated that one can’t beat the feeling of a life-transforming operation for a patient now able to lead a normal life who would have otherwise lived the life of a person with paraplegia.

Instead of carrying out the operation freehand, surgeons undertaking robotic surgery are helped by robots who assist them place pedicle screw instruments, which are metal objects utilised in minimally invasive spinal surgery, exactly where they are meant to be.

There are many benefits to robotic surgery, stated Dr Al Belushi, such as precision, fewer rates of complications, lesser bleeding, fast recovery, reduced hospital stays and a lessened likelihood that additional surgeries will be required.

Dr Abdul Salam, who began carrying out robotic surgery in 2018, said that it is the next iteration of minimally invasive spinal operation, which tends to alter the world of spinal surgery.


He added that it is a humbling chance for him to represent his country at the highest level and witness the leadership of the nation embracing the technology available in very few nations worldwide to make it available to the UAE and the local population.

Dr Belushi, who is a student of the American Society of Neurosurgeons, stated that he wished to express his sincere gratitude to the President of UAE, Sheikh Mohamed, for his generous support in creating history in Abu Dhabi.


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