UAE Floods: Volunteers took to streets to clean leftover debris, muddy water in Fujairah

Several volunteers took to the streets in Fujairah to help clear litter and rainwater left behind because of flash floods which hit the emirates last week.

Several volunteers took to the streets in Fujairah to help clear litter and rainwater left behind because of flash floods which hit the emirates last week.

Over 650 people with buckets and brooms came out to help clean streets and homes of debris and dirty water after the summer deluge, the heaviest rainfall recorded in the UAE for three decades.

It was also declared that a website would be scheduled for residents in the UAE to register losses and damages incurred due to flooding.

A volunteer, Mohammed Naser, said he felt proud while lifting the clutter as local residents from the impacted areas cheered them.

To get back to a normal life, volunteers from around the UAE rallied to provide a helping hand to emergency and rescue teams who have already been working since last Tuesday to help those impacted due to flash floods.

The volunteers were wearing bright green vests and were called on by Crown Prince of Fujairah, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad, to sweep the roads and distribute water and snacks to rescue workers and residents in six areas of the city.

A 35-year-old Emirati, Mohammad Naser from Dubai, part of the team of volunteers, stated that it was his first time volunteering.

He further added that he went on Saturday to Fujairah to help residents get their life normal.

We should all stand together to pay back to our country,” he stated.

Some volunteers also utilised their 4x4s to remove cars which were trapped in the water, while others distributed water and food supplies to residents.

Because of the flash floods, a committee has been formed by the Fujairah authority to assess the value of the damages.

The officials stated that a website would also be set up to enable people impacted by the floods to register the losses and damages incurred.



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