Dubai: Wife complains against her husband for overspending time on playing video games and ignoring her

A GCC woman has put allegations on her husband of attacking following an argument between them overspending most of his time playing video games and ignoring their marital relationship.

A GCC woman has put allegations on her husband of attacking following an argument between them overspending most of his time playing video games and ignoring their marital relationship.

The Dubai Court of Misdemeanours and Violations convicted him and imposed fine on him Dh5,000 but the Appellate Court acquitted him.


The case took place in Al Safa region in Dubai in April 2022, when a GCC wife has submitted a report with a complaint that her husband attacked her.

The wife has elaborated in the probe that the assault after a dispute with her husband due to preoccupation for long periods with video games and his negligence of her.

She added when argued with him, he got angry and left the room and then came back again & was about to slap her on the face, so she reported the incident to the police.

As per the case file, the 26-year-old husband added that his wife asked to speak with him after he performed the dawn prayer on the day of the incident and that she was angry about his spending time playing video games. He reportedly asked her to calm down, but she kept screaming and telling him that she was not comfortable for living with him.

The husband added that she started talking about matters concerning his family and that he ignored his relationship with her, so he pushed her and told her that if she did not stop her way of talking, he might lose his temper.

The medical report that the wife submitted showed that she had a bruise on the right hand & shoulder as well as there were no visible wounds or permanent disability.


The appellate Court said that the case papers did not include any proof that the husband committed the crime he was charged with, especially since he denied it at all stages of the case, and accordingly, the proof presented in the case was not sufficient to convince the Court to prove the accusation. Consequently, the appealed ruling must be cancelled and the husband must be acquitted.


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