Roxy Cinemas, Middle east’s largest screen to open at Dubai Hills Mall

Roxy Cinemas is all set to open its new venue at Dubai Hills Mall on August 31, Wednesday and with it will arrive the biggest screen of the region.

Roxy Cinemas is all set to open its new venue at Dubai Hills Mall on August 31, Wednesday and with it will arrive the biggest screen of the region.

Dubai Holding Entertainment has disclosed the launching of a 28-metre by 15.1-metre screen, which is double the width of a tennis court, the experience of which is known as Roxy Xtreme.


It will comprise of 382 reclining seats available to book around three tiers: Standard, Premium as well as Director’s Boxes, which are all suites with 12 seats, each located above the auditorium to provide the best view and privacy. Visitors will also be allowed to get an on-demand waiter service, a footrest as well as a headrest, wireless charging, and heating in the seats with a personal swivel table.

The chief executive at Dubai Holding Entertainment, Fernando Eiroa, said that the 15-screen Roxy Cinemas multiplex at Dubai Hills Mall would redefine the cinema-going experience for Emirates audiences with new luxury classes around all our screens.

There will be a total of 15 screens at the new location, which will include seven Platinum Screens starting from October, seven Silver Screens and Roxy Xtreme.

The Platinum experience will further include the option of premium food which could be ordered in the lounge before or during the film right from the seats.

The schedule of movies will include the latest Bollywood, Hollywood and Arabic-language films.

The cinema is located in Dubai Hills Estate, the 1,093-hectare development from Emaar, which forms part of Mohammed Bin Rashid City and is next to Dubai Hills Park.


There is an abundance of things to witness and do inside the two-storey mall, which has around 600 retail stores, including internationally famous brands, an Adventure Park, as well as an indoor roller coaster which is said to be the fastest of its kind worldwide.


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