President, chief executive of Dubai Chambers, Hamad Buamim, to step down

The long-time president and chief executive of Dubai Chambers, Hamad Buamim, is stepping down from power as he strives to follow 'new interests'.

The long-time president and chief executive of Dubai Chambers, Hamad Buamim, is stepping down from power as he strives to follow ‘new interests’.

Buamim, who served for about 16 years, will persist in helping the organisation for another three months, said the Dubai Chambers on Friday, August 5.


Vice president of Dubai Chambers for international relations, Hassan Al Hashemi, has been elected as the acting president and chief executive.

Buamim stated that he thinks the UAE’s leadership and the Dubai Chambers team for their faith and commitment towards getting exceptional growth and broadening our geographic outreach.

Dubai Chambers now serves over 320,000, which is more than 270,000 during the end of last year, members in a broad range of economic sectors.

Buamim stated that this would not have been possible without the tireless support of our leadership and the direction of the Dubai Chambers board.

Buamim, who took control of the then Dubai Chambers of Commerce and Industry in 2006, is credited for placing Dubai as a strategic hub for worldwide trade and commerce, said the chairman of Dubai Chambers, Abdul-Aziz Al Ghurair.

Al Ghurair stated that in a great career at Dubai Chambers, Buamim achieved many milestones that catalysed business growth and flared innovation around the organisation.


In June 2021, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, authorised the restructuring of the chamber into three various entities, Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Dubai International Chamber.

The move, which strives at a focused approach, required the three chambers to encourage international trade, advance the digital economy, safeguard the interests of business owners and entrepreneurs and support the ambitions of Dubai to establish “the world’s best economic ecosystem”, said the official at the time.


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