Dubai’s Rental Market Under Scrutiny: Tenants Navigate Eviction Loopholes and Rental Hikes

Jan Alabastro, a Dubai resident in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), was served an eviction notice under the pretext of property sale, only to discover his one-bedroom apartment being re-rented at significantly higher rates than he previously paid

In Dubai’s bustling real estate landscape, tenants are increasingly finding themselves caught in legal loopholes as landlords exploit eviction notices and rental regulations to their advantage.

Cases like that of Jan Alabastro and Joseph Roney highlight growing concerns over tenant rights and fair housing practices.


Jan Alabastro, a Dubai resident in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), was served an eviction notice under the pretext of property sale, only to discover his one-bedroom apartment being re-rented at significantly higher rates than he previously paid.

“Is that even legal?” questioned Alabastro, contemplating legal action against what he perceives as an unfair tactic to sidestep rental regulations set by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Rera).

According to Dubai’s rental laws, landlords can legitimately evict tenants for property sale purposes, provided they serve a 12-month notice.

However, the law stipulates that if the property is not sold or utilized for personal use within a specified timeframe, re-renting before the mandated period elapses can lead to penalties.

Essa Ziad Galadari, an advocate, emphasizes tenants’ rights to compensation for incurred expenses and any discrepancies in rental values due to premature eviction and re-renting.

Another case involves Joseph Roney, a senior software engineer, who faced abrupt eviction less than six months into his lease, allegedly for property transfer to a new agency.


Armed with knowledge from Rera, Roney successfully negotiated a longer eviction notice, safeguarding his tenure and avoiding immediate displacement.

Experts in Dubai’s real estate sector acknowledge these issues persist but note a trend towards greater tenant awareness and legal recourse.

Yervant Matassarian, CEO of Mertoun Real Estate, underscores the importance of transparency and adherence to legal guidelines in landlord-tenant interactions. “Maintaining good communication and legal compliance mitigates disputes,” Matassarian affirmed.

As Dubai’s property market continues to flourish, concerns over fair rental practices loom large. Dilip Daswani, a real estate expert, points out instances of landlords pushing rental limits beyond permissible increases, exploiting tenants amid market booms.

Such practices not only strain tenant-landlord relationships but also challenge the efficacy of regulatory measures aimed at ensuring housing affordability and fairness.

In response to these challenges, advocates urge tenants to familiarize themselves with their rights under Dubai’s tenancy laws. Taha Ramadan, a senior counsel, advises tenants to scrutinize eviction notices and challenge discrepancies through legal channels to uphold their rights effectively.

With the proliferation of online resources and legal guidance, tenants like Alabastro and Roney are increasingly equipped to navigate complex rental landscapes.

Their experiences underscore a broader need for vigilance and advocacy to protect tenant rights in Dubai’s dynamic real estate environment.

In conclusion, while Dubai’s rental market witnesses growth and opportunity, the spotlight remains on ensuring equitable practices that balance the interests of landlords and tenants alike.

As regulatory bodies continue to refine housing policies, tenant empowerment through legal literacy emerges as a crucial safeguard against exploitation and unfair eviction practices.


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Tariq Saeed

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