Egypt: New Mansoura and East London Universities signs cooperation agreeement
Egypt: New Mansoura and East London Universities signs cooperation agreeement || image credits: Ministry of Education

Egypt: The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Ayman Ashour, has witnessed a cooperation protocol signing ceremony between the new Mansoura University and the British University of East London to grant double scientific degrees from both institutions. 

The signing was commemorated in pursuit of the National Strategic for Higher Education and Research principles and goals.


The Cooperation Protocol agreement was signed by the president of the new Mansoura University, Mawad Al-Kholi and the Academic President, University of East London, British, WD. Hassan Abdullah. The Protocol aims to cooperate in several areas, such as education and training, per the reports.  

Egypt: New Mansoura and East London Universities signs cooperation agreeement

During the ceremony, the exchange of experts between the universities was also emphasized, especially in the spheres of the exchange of researchers and professors.  

In addition, participation in scientific and educational materials was also discussed—involvement in organizing seminars and scientific conferences and cooperation at all research stages.

Egypt: New Mansoura and East London Universities signs cooperation agreeement

Along with the programming of visits and training and the organization of shared scientific content between the parties. The reports confirmed that Mawad Al-Kholi is ready for the new Mansoura University to cooperate with the University of East London, especially with the university’s interest in providing modern joint study programs that keep up with the contemporary and futuristic job market requirements.

Furthermore, it indicated the university’s interest and investment in the human element, which is the basis of success in various fields, given that the university strives to achieve maximum benefits that both parties can achieve through this fruitful cooperation, added the reports.

Moreover, the areas of cooperation between both institutions include double degree grants in (international legal transactions, business, computer science and engineering, various fields, basic science, health and biological science, media production, and other areas agreed upon by both parties).


On his part, Hassan Abdullah has stated that the university is working to equip graduates and provide them with the skills, knowledge and experience to meet the needs of the labour market.  

The universities are hosting cooperation in areas of mutual interest between the universities, confirming that the British University of East London has a strategic vision in facilitating education and collaboration with other international universities.

Rasha Kamal, the Egyptian cultural correspondent and the director of the educational mission in the United Kingdom and wd. Paul Marshall, Vice President of the University of Professional Affairs and Entrepreneurship attended the event.

Along with David McCrory, Assistant Professor of Academic Partnerships and International Engagement, and. Abdullah Gad Amin, the university principal, the university leaders and the scientific programs directors in all the university majors.

It is mentioned that the signing of this Protocol comes as part of a visit by a high-level delegation from the University of East London, which is one of the top British universities in the UK and international rankings.

Both the universities signed agreements and memorandum of cooperation in areas of mutual interest, with universities (Cairo, Ain Shams, Mansoura) Al-Jadida, Alexandria, Alexandria Al-Ahlia, Foundation of European Universities in the new administrative capital) in coordination with the Egyptian cultural office in London.

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