Egyptian Expat Brews Unique Portrait of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Using Thousands of Coffee Beans

The exhibition serves as a platform for him to showcase his unique talent, and he expressed hope that Sheikh Mohammed would visit the event and appreciate the coffee-inspired paintings at his stall

George Sobhi, an Egyptian expatriate, has created a stunning portrait of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Sobhi’s unconventional choice of medium makes this masterpiece truly exceptional – thousands of meticulously glued coffee beans.


Sobhi, who has been honing his craft for nine years, spent an incredible two months and 50 working days to bring this coffee-infused portrait to life.

With an unwavering passion for his art, Sobhi poured his heart into every detail, working ten hours daily to capture Sheikh Mohammed’s essence.

“I choose the picture, then the design, and of course, the purpose of the painting. I read a lot about the characters and the details of their life to be influenced by them while I draw.

“I decided on Sheikh Mohammed because he is a role model for all the youth and gives opportunities for great minds and talents,” shared Sobhi, giving insight into his artistic process.

His participation in the World of Coffee exhibition marks a significant milestone in Sobhi’s artistic journey.

The exhibition serves as a platform for him to showcase his unique talent, and he expressed hope that Sheikh Mohammed would visit the event and appreciate the coffee-inspired paintings at his stall.


Sobhi’s journey as a coffee artist began when he arrived in the UAE and sought to break away from traditional artistic norms. Fascinated by the medium of coffee beans, he delved into exploring its potential as a tool for creating fine art.

Over the years, he has showcased his masterpieces in numerous regional cultural and artistic exhibitions, earning recognition from governmental and private institutions.

“Ambition, passion for success, and the nurturing environment in the UAE inspired me from the beginning,” Sobhi explained, attributing his artistic growth to the support he found in the country.

His paintings, created entirely with coffee beans, have garnered attention for their striking visual appeal and the profound messages they convey.

With an eye for detail and an innovative approach, Sobhi explained his choice of coffee beans as a medium. “The influence of the Gulf, Arab, and Middle Eastern environments inspired me to use coffee beans.

The material is challenging to work with, but it symbolizes strength and durability, reinforcing the message behind each artwork.”

Coffee, a much-loved beverage in the region and a significant import-export commodity adds cultural significance to Sobhi’s creations.

Despite the challenges posed by using coffee beans as a medium, Sobhi’s unique talent and distinct technique have gained traction, making heads turn at the World of Coffee exhibition.

His paintings have captivated the audience with their visual appeal and conveyed profound messages about strength, durability, and the region’s cultural richness.

“I hope Sheikh Mohammed visits the Coffee Exhibition in Dubai and likes the paintings at our stall,” Sobhi expressed, showcasing his admiration for the leader who serves as the subject of his intricate artwork.

With nine years of experience as a coffee artist, Sobhi’s work has gained significant recognition on social media platforms, attracting attention from governmental and non-governmental organizations.

His journey is a testament to the belief that art transcends specific professions and encompasses the essence of the human experience, appreciating materials and tools nurtured since childhood.

As Sobhi’s coffee-infused masterpiece of Sheikh Mohammed captures the spotlight at the World of Coffee exhibition, it not only reflects the artist’s dedication and skill but also highlights the diversity and creativity flourishing in the vibrant art scene of the UAE.


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Tariq Saeed


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