Fuel prices rise in UAE

The UAE Fuel Price Committee announced the new prices of fuels via their official Twitter handle yesterday, March 31, 2022. 

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The price of fuel has hiked in the United Arab Emirates by 16% for the month of April. Earlier in the month of February and March, the margin of fuel prices witnessed a rise of 10% each month. 

The UAE Fuel Price Committee announced the new prices of fuels via their official Twitter handle yesterday, March 31, 2022. 


The Super 98 will now be available at a price of Dh3.74, which is 15.78% up from the rate of the previous month at – Dh3.23

For Special 95, the price has been hiked by 16.02% for the month of April, which is to be sold at Dh3.62. Previously in the month of March, it was sold for Dh3.12 in the United Arab Emirates. 

Meanwhile, Diesel will now be sold to motorists for a price rate of Dh4.02, witnessing a hike of 26.01%. Diesel was sold at a rate of Dh3.19 in the month of March. 

For E-plus 91, the price has increased by 16.39%, which means it will now be sold at Dh3.55, previously sold at a price rate of Dh3.05 in the month of March. 

These newly announced prices are the highest since they were liberalized in the year 2015. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fuel Price Committee in the year 2020 froze the prices of fuel, of which the controls were removed in the month of March last year in order to reflect the movement of the market. 

The rising prices ignited rage among the general population of UAE, with people commenting and condemning the rising fuel prices. 


One of the UAE nationals commented, “This seriously needs to stop. You can’t rush people into increasing 2 AED in less than a year per litre. Absolute madness… The electric vehicle will still need time to catch up!.” 

Meanwhile, another resident wrote, “It must be an April fool’s message. Cant be real. I’m sure we don’t want to be No. 1 in the highest fuel category in GCC.” 


Tariq Saeed

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