High B.P: Many Don’t Experience Symptoms Until Its Attacked!!

Yes, High B.P. has been called, as many of them are not experiencing any kind of symptoms until a stroke befalls. Nevertheless, in those rare cases when signs are present, it’s better to be aware of them.

The analysis explains that the pressure exerts on the artery walls as blood moves through them. High B.P that meaning the blood is passing continuously within the body damages blood vessels. When these small blood vessels are damaged in the kidneys in this way, it can stop them from running properly. This drives kidney disease, which also can lead to several symptoms, such as fatigue, etc…


Kidney disease could lead to swollen feet, ankles, and hands because of water retention. Several warning signs other than above include loss of breath, blood in the urine, itchy skin, noctura (meaning urinating often during the night times). Also, hypertension hugely increases one’s risk of cardiovascular disease. As said, high B.P can be the cause for those blood vessel walls to lose, which can lead to aneurysms.

Then, there arises a question!!

Are We at the Chance of High B.P?

The NHS gives six steps to counteract high blood pressure & the associated risks with it.

STEP 1: To have a healthy & proper diet regularly

STEP 2: Maintaining a strong weight

STEP 3: To exercise daily


STEP 4: Drinking alcohol in balance

STEP 5: Drinking limited caffeine

STEP 6: Importantly, avoid smoking at all costs

What does a healthy diet comprise?

It consists of loads of fresh fruit, greens, and whole grains. Also, requires restricting the amount of salt by avoiding foods that are high in saturated fat, such as meat pies, sausages, fatty cuts of meat, Ghee, Lard, Butter, Cream, Solid cheese, Cakes, and cookies, and intake foods that have palm oil or coconut oil.

Stay tuned for more updates!!

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