NCM predicts heavy showers to fall in UAE on July 27-28

Sharjah has witnessed flash floods and lighting as heavy rain showers are predicted around the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday, July 27.

Sharjah has witnessed flash floods and lighting as heavy rain showers are predicted around the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday, July 27.

A video on social media showed storms lightning up the sky during the early hours of Wednesday in Khor Fakkan while motorists struggled to navigate via large pools of water.


The NCM (National Centre of Meteorology) gave a warning shortly after 5 am on Wednesday, asking people in the Eastern region of the Emirates to drive safely during hazy weather conditions.

People were urged to stay inside their homes to avoid flash floods and those areas where pools of rain had piled up.

The weather centre announced heavy showers in Sharjah, Fujairah as well as Al Ain during the early hours between 2 am, and 4 am on Wednesday.

It further stated that shortly after 6 am, rainfall was reported in Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah region.

Footage from Storm Centre UAE showed streets over flooded after the country was hit with torrential rains.

Unsettled weather is set to persist in the UAE and Oman for the next few days, with hazy conditions and rain predicted in some regions.


Officials at the NCM stated that it would be cloudy over a few areas of the UAE on Wednesday.

The centre stated that wet weather was in anticipation because of the formation of convective clouds till 9 pm on Wednesday.

The temperature is forecasted to fall slightly, with lows of 29 degrees in Dubai and 30 degrees in Abu Dhabi, but the weather is expected to be clear by the end of this week.

The weather centre also added that moderate south-easterly to north-easterly winds could lead to cooler weather, with wind speeds reaching 60kph in some regions of the nation.

Weather conditions on Thursday will remain similar, with winds and likely rain set to persist, however, NCM forecasted a slight increase in temperature, with lows of 30 degrees in Dubai and 31 degrees in Abu Dhabi.


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