Indian PM Narendra Modi raises alarm on safety of Diplomatic Consulates in telephonic chat with UK PM
Indian PM Narendra Modi raises alarm on safety of Diplomatic Consulates in telephonic chat with UK PM (image credits google)

India: The Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi, has recently held a telephonic conversation with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak and raised pressing concerns regarding the safety and issues of Indian Diplomatic Consulates in the UK. 

During the conversation, PM Modi called for immediate, decisive actions by the UK government against the anti-India elements.


According to the shared updates, on his part, recently appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK), Rishi Sunak, has noted that the recent attacks conducted on the Indian High Commission Offices are not acceptable and deeply condemned by the UK government.

He furthermore conveyed that the security of the Indian High Commissions is among the top priorities while assuring the security and safety of the consulates and the personnel, said the reports from PIB.

During the telephonic conversations held between both nation’s leaders, a number of mutual concerns and matters of issues were also discussed briefly as both the leader’s plans for extending reciprocal relationships between both nations. The meeting also stressed the growth and development roadmap between both countries by 2030.

Prime Minister Modi and his UK counterpart, Rishi Sunak, also thanked each other and stated they are satisfied by the growing cooperation and high-level exchanges between India and the United Kingdom. 

Furthermore, they stressed that the mutually beneficial Free Trade Agreement between both nations needs an early conclusion, said the sources.

Moreover, PM Narendra Modi also shed light on the issue of economic offenders who have sought refuge in the United Kingdom and emphasized that he looks forward to the return of the fugitives, after which they can appear before the judicial system of India.


On his part, Prime Minister Modi also extended a warm invitation to the UK PM Rishi Sunak to the G20 Summit (Group of Twenty summit) scheduled to be held in September later this year. 

Additionally, PM Sunak praised the efforts of the Indian Presidency of the G20 and mentioned the UK’s complete support initiatives of India in their success.


Tariq Saeed