Lloyd Price of Stagger Lee fame Passes Away At 88!!

A man of enormous energy and diverse talents, Lloyd Price, who has passed away aged 88 from difficulties with diabetes, fully justified his nickname of “Mr. Personality.” It was just a reference to his 1959 hit Personality, which has led No two on the US charts. His 1952 hit Lawdy Miss Clawdy, which was capped by a wide array of artists, from Elvis Presley & Paul McCartney to The Hollies, Solomon Burke, and Joe Cocker, was a trailblazer for rock’n’roll and the original records to break down boundaries between white and black fans. “I transformed the South!” Lloyd enthused. “Before Lawdy Miss Clawdy, white kids weren’t engaged in this music.”

Singer-songwriter Lloyd, an early rock ‘n roll star and lasting maverick whose hits incorporated such up-tempo preferences as “Lawdy Miss Clawdy,” “Personality,” and the semi-forbidden “Stagger Lee,” has regrettably left us all. He was 88. Lloyd departed Monday at a long-term care facility in New Rochelle, NY, of difficulties from diabetes; his wife, Jacqueline Price, stated The Associated Press on Saturday.

He was born in Kenner, Louisiana, one of eleven siblings; Lloyd was keeping on singing in the church and was playing piano since childhood. He was in his late teens when a local DJ’s favorite phrase, “Lawdy Miss Clawdy,” assisted him & inspired him to write his boundary-breaking original hit, which he worked on in his mum’s fried fish restaurant.

Starring Domino’s trademark piano trills, “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” hit Number 1 on the R&B charts in 1952, traded more than 1M plus copies, and then became a rock pattern, covered by Little Richard and Elvis Presley, amongst others. But Lloyd Price might have mixed emotions about the song’s broad appeal, later retrieving how these officials in the Jim Crow South opposed letting both blacks and whites visit his shows.

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