Meta threatens to pull back Facebook and Instagram in Europe

Meta will shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe if not granted permission to transfer, store and process data from the EU servers to its United States-based servers.

Meta will shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe if not granted permission to transfer, store and process data from the EU servers to its United States-based servers. American multinational technology conglomerate made the remarks in an SEC filing.

The Court of Justice of the – European Union, in July 2020, declared the Privacy Shield, noting that the EU/S personal data transfer mechanism was no longer legal.


Meanwhile, the United States law contains a “Privacy Shield”, which permits and gives the right to gather personal data about EU data subjects without the Court says adequate safeguards. This shield has been declared as ‘invalid’, on which the European regulators are currently working.

The judgement by the court furthermore underscores that “EU data issues lacked effective means to seek redress against the government of the United States.

Privacy has always been an issue with the American firm’s social media platforms, on which numerous times issues have been raised by the concerned authorities as well as people across the globe.

Earlier, it was also claimed that Google Fonts was sending private information of an individual such as – IP address to another service without granted permission and without a transparent and valid reason to do this.

An issued statement by the European Commission spokesperson cites, “Negotiations with Washington have intensified, but they will take time also given the complexity of the issues discussed and the need to strike a balance between privacy and national security”.

Facebook stated that stopping “transatlantic data transfers” will have a devastating effect on its targeted online publicity stuff.



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