Missing Norwegian National with special needs found safe in Sharjah after 38-hour search

The young man and his father, Azhar Munir, had flown into the UAE from Norway for a vacation aimed at providing mental rejuvenation for Saqlain before his upcoming treatment in Pakistan

Sharjah, UAE: Sharjah Police successfully located 22-year-old Saqlain Munir, a Norwegian national with special needs, after an intensive 38-hour search.

Saqlain had gone missing on Thursday night, sending his family into a frantic search given his unique condition.


The young man and his father, Azhar Munir, had flown into the UAE from Norway for a vacation aimed at providing mental rejuvenation for Saqlain before his upcoming treatment in Pakistan.

What was supposed to be a moment of relaxation became a gripping ordeal for the Munir family.

Azhar Munir, Saqlain’s father, expressed gratitude towards the Sharjah Police for their swift action. “We received a phone call from the police informing us about his whereabouts on Saturday at noon.”

The family’s relief was palpable as they learned of Saqlain’s safety.

Saqlain’s disappearance occurred at 10 pm on Thursday, prompting an immediate response from his family. His non-verbal communication added a layer of concern for his well-being.

“Saqlain does not talk to anyone. We were continuously ringing his phone, but it was switched off,” Azhar Munir revealed.


The situation was undoubtedly challenging for the family, given Saqlain’s unique needs and vulnerability.

The sequence of events leading to Saqlain’s disappearance unfolded when Azhar had to make a quick trip to Dubai for work on Thursday night.

A routine takeaway stop at a restaurant extended the duration of his absence, inadvertently leaving Saqlain alone at home with his cousin.

During this time, Saqlain seized the opportunity to leave the house, armed only with his mobile phone and without his wallet. Dressed in a traditional Pakistani outfit—a kurta pyjama—Saqlain’s whereabouts became a source of immediate concern for his family.

Recounting the circumstances, Azhar Munir explained, “When his cousin went to a nearby restaurant for dinner, Saqlain sneaked out of the house.”

The family wasted no time and promptly filed a missing person report with the Sharjah Police, initiating a coordinated effort to locate the young man.

The search took an unexpected turn when, on Friday evening, Saqlain’s phone was turned on by an individual who found it near the Kasba Canal.

The family met with the Good Samaritan, hoping to gather more information about Saqlain’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, the person had only stumbled upon the phone and could not provide additional details.

A ray of hope emerged when, after 38 hours of relentless searching, the Sharjah Police delivered the news the Munir family had been anxiously awaiting.

Hameed Basheer, Saqlain’s uncle, expressed the family’s deep gratitude to the Sharjah Police for their quick and efficient response in locating Saqlain.

The incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by individuals with special needs and the importance of community support and swift law enforcement action in such cases.

The collaborative effort between the family, community members, and the Sharjah Police highlights the significance of a united response in ensuring the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals.

As the Munir family prepares to continue their journey, it is planned initially as a vacation.

Still, now carrying the weight of a brief ordeal, the reunion with Saqlain is a testament to the power of community and effective law enforcement in times of crisis.


This article was created using automation technology and was thoroughly edited and fact-checked by one of our editorial staff members

Tariq Saeed


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