New show ‘Dubai Bling’ is back with a bang; Now streaming on Netflix

Reality TV fans, the day you've all been staying for has arrived as Dubai Bling is now available to stream on Netflix.

Reality TV fans, the day you’ve all been staying for has arrived as Dubai Bling is now available to stream on Netflix.

Get the popcorn ready as the new series that will follow the lives of ten Arab millionaires who live and work in the UAE is sure to keep viewers hooked with servings of glitz, glamour and drama.


Expect TV gold as the gang enjoy the best things in life, such as private planes, posh parties and extravagant holidays, that we can only dream of experiencing.

Eight episodes, each around 45 minutes long, have dropped on Netflix as of today (Thursday, October 27). Let the binge-watching commence.

As Dubai residents, we are looking forward to seeing where the filming has taken place and are keen to see if our favourite places have made the cut.

Dubai Bling hopes to follow in the footsteps of Netflix’s Bling Empire, which follows the lives of East and South East Asians living in America.

If you are not a Netflix subscriber, it is easy to sign up for the streaming platform without hassle with monthly plans ranging from Dhs29 to Dhs56.

À la Bling Empire (which gives an insight into the wealthy East and South East Asians living in the US) Dubai Bling will provide viewers with an insight into the top one per cent of Dubai locals and ex-pats.


Aiming to give Netflix subscribers worldwide insight into the luxury lifestyle on offer in the UAE, the ten cast members have let cameras into some of the most glamourous moments of their lives.

Tariq Saeed


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