Saudi Arabia: Team rescues a boy from slope of mountain who was stuck for hours

A boy who was stuck for 3 hours in a rugged mountain has now been rescued by the Saudi Arabian authorities on Friday.

Cairo, Egypt: A boy who was stuck for 3 hours in a rugged mountain has now been rescued by the Saudi Arabian authorities on Friday.

The Civil defence teams in the city of H’ail in north-western Saudi Arabia was informed, after which the team, with immediate action, interfered and saved the life of a boy.


The age of the boy has yet not been disclosed, and the reason how the child got stuck at the slope of the mountain has yet not been clarified.

The heavy pieces of equipment were utilized by the rescuing team to retrieve the child. Also, no information about the boy’s family is yet not known.

The news went viral all over the internet, gathering applause from people all across the globe. Individuals are appreciating the efforts of the rescuing team of Saudi Arabia for safely freeing the boy from the slope of the mountain.

Historically, Haʼil has been emanated its wealth from being on the camel caravan route of the Hajj. Haʼil is well known for the generosity of its people in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world as it is the place where Hatim al-Tai lived.

It is situated in the northern central part of Saudi Arabia and extends between 25° 29 0 N and 38° 42 0 E. It represents around 6% of the total area of the Kingdom, covering a total area of 118,322 sq km.

Tariq Saeed


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