Ticket prices climb to $5000 after Russians flee to Dubai

Direct flights were in high demand on Wednesday as Russian President Vladimir V. Putin stepped up his military campaign in Ukraine.

Direct flights were in high demand on Wednesday as Russian President Vladimir V. Putin stepped up his military campaign in Ukraine. He announced a military mobilization and challenged the West by putting 3,00,000 reserved soldiers in active force to fight against Ukraine. The lowest price from Moscow to Dubai costs over 300,000 roubles ($5,000), which is five times the typical monthly salary.
There are no flights that go directly from Moscow to Dubai; instead, the travellers must have to choose a connecting route that goes through Azerbaijan or Georgia. The only flights available required lengthy connections on Thursday and Friday, which was the same for both days. It is expected that direct flights will be available from 14 November.
Many Russian citizens fled to Dubai recently to ensure their lives’ security. The Economy of Russia is highly affected due to the overall sanction of Russian products across the world. Some Russian firms are trying to shift their business to Dubai, ensuring success and a secure future.
According to Sources, Putin claimed that Ukraine’s Zaporozhzhia nuclear power facility had also been used as a kind of blackmail. Fears were heightened when it was announced during an early-morning television broadcast that men of fighting age would not be allowed to leave the nation. Putin claimed that the West had “stepped all borders” and that the action was “necessary and urgent” because Russia’s objectives in Ukraine had not been changed.
In addition, Putin accused the U.S.A and Europe of blackmailing Russia with their nuclear capabilities. In response, he stated that Russia has so many weapons of its own.
Putin commented, ” I want to remind individuals who make such remarks about Russia that we also have many means of destruction, some of which are more advanced than those used by the NATO nations”.
He also blamed Washington and London for supplying ammunition to Ukraine to for carrying out military operations in Kyiv and other Russian occupied territories.

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