UAE: 21 parents penalised for failing to take care of children

The government official, while in conversation with a media house, asserted, "There were also some reports about children falling from elevated spots inside the house."

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The government official on Thursday, March 24, 2022, noted that twenty-one (21) parents had been penalised in Sharjah as they failed to properly look after and supervise their children at their homes, which led to the rise of domestic accidents in the United Arab Emirates.

The government official, while in conversation with a media house, asserted, “There were also some reports about children falling from elevated spots inside the house.”


The Director of Sharjah’s Child and Family Protection Center – Amina Al Rifai, while sharing the helpline number (800700), added that the number of complaints about domestic abuse on children at their homes has increased. 

The most common reports were confirmed for the incidents of youngsters swallowing pills, vitamins or detergents by mistake, as per the statement of Al Rifai. Besides this, she also requested the parents to be more cautious, responsible and vigilant when they are taking care of their children, particularly at the time when the summer holidays are arriving. 

“Parents need to be extra careful, especially during the times when the family steps out of the home to spend time at the farms, swimming pools and other leisure spaces”, Al Rifai further stated.

The majority of the kids’ population witnessing these abuses are between six months and four years old. After a complaint has been filed via the hotline number provided, the child is then further examined in coordination with – Al Qassimi Hospital for Women, Maternity and Children. 

Soon after specialists find “carelessness of parents” as the reason behind the incident, then a violation is issued against them, following which parents are asked to sign a “pledge” under the judicial authority granted to social workers.

Counselling and guidance sessions are being provided by the child protection centre to the parents, where they are being taught multiple ways of keeping their children safe. 



Tariq Saeed


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