UN expresses concern as Afghan women human rights activists went missing

The United Nations once again voices concerns over the condition of Afghan women in the Islamic state.

Kabul, Afghanistan: The United Nations once again voices concerns over the condition of Afghan women in the Islamic state. Top UN envoy in Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons, raised concerns regarding women’s safety during his meet with the Taliban Cabinet members on Tuesday.

UN Mission in Afghanistan tweeted, “It is 3 weeks now since Afghan women activists began ‘disappearing’ from their homes and the streets of Kabul. @DeborahLyonsUN, in a meeting with DFA Dep-PM Hanafi today, again voiced concern to Taliban leadership about the women’s safety, urging all steps to secure their liberty”.


This meets comes after women activists who raised voices for the rights of Afghan women went missing in the capital city of Afghanistan, for which the United Nations have called on the all-men Taliban administration to provide information in a report on the matter as soon as possible.

Several countries, as well as international, have also raised concerns over the missing Afghan women activists. The United States Special Envoy Rina Amiri has also asked the Taliban to stop the detention of the human rights activists of Afghanistan.

The condition of women has always been the worst in the Islamic state. The hunger and poverty crisis in the Asian country has forced the Afghan people to sell their daughters in return for a good amount for their survival.

Weeks back, the Taliban imposed a rule, in accordance which, a woman will not be permitted to travel alone unless she is not accompanied by a close male relative.

Tariq Saeed

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