Vehicles with blank number plates spotted around Dubai

Cars with empty number plates are being spotted all across Dubai. A video shows vehicles with Dubai number plates without any numbers moving around the Emirates, its highways and all-around landmarks.

Cars with empty number plates are being spotted all across Dubai. A video shows vehicles with Dubai number plates without any numbers moving around the Emirates, its highways and all-around landmarks.

The unique marketing campaign, ‘ Empty Plates’, aspires to raise awareness regarding the country’s ongoing Ramadan charity campaign, ‘1 Billion Meals’.


The executive director at the UAE Government Media Office, Khaled AlShehhi, posted on LinkedIn that the aim of empty plates is to raise awareness regarding “the empty (food) plates that truly matter”.

The campaign invites citizens to participate in the ‘Most Noble Number’ charity auctions “as we raise funds to fill millions of empty plates worldwide”.

The auctions, which provide special car number plates and fancy mobile phone numbers, back the actions of the 1 Billion Meals initiative, the largest in the region, to provide food support to the disadvantaged and malnourished, especially children, displaced people, refugees and those impacted by disasters and crises.

A video that was shared as part of the Empty Plates campaign emphasized startling stats on hunger. Around 8 million people suffer from acute hunger, and 2 billion people don’t get three meals every day. The video aspires to create awareness about “millions of empty plates”.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives posted on YouTube, “Worldwide hunger has gone neglected and unaddressed for far too long. To create awareness about empty plates, we took over the plates we all witness: number plates.”

Dubai held a public auction of unique number plates earlier this week. The audience was bidding on four unique vehicle number plates and ten unique mobile numbers and with this, the charity auction collected around Dh53 million within two hours.


The earnings will go towards the 1 Billion Meals campaign that strives to feed the hungry in almost 50 countries.

The auctions will be held throughout this week. The Abu Dhabi Police conducted an online auction for 555 special vehicle plate numbers on April 17 and 18.


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