We were taught to seduce, manipulate our targets, using sex as a weapon: Former Russian spy

A former Russian female spy called on the United States of America and the European countries to unite against Russia as it invades Ukraine and must try to stop the war.

World: A former Russian female spy called on the United States of America and the European countries to unite against Russia as it invades Ukraine and must try to stop the war. Thirty-seven (37) years-old ex Russian spy named Aliia Roza also admitted that she was taught how to use techniques of sex to honeytrap their targets in order to obtain information from them. 

In conversation with the media, Roza stated, “In my opinion, European Union and the United States should unite together and close the sky, first of all, and second, do an embargo for Russian gas and petrol”. 


“I’ve been asked why couldn’t we suspend security checks on people escaping Putin’s war? Times of conflict, my friends, emphasises our need remain watchful. I know from the briefings I received from the intelligence and security services that instability around the world brings with it greater threats.” 

Roza then added that she was trained to become an agent just like James Bond, while she was at the age of 18-years-old at a classified school near Moscow. 

As per her statement, she used sex as a weapon to honeytrap and infiltrate her targets such as – drugs dealers, smugglers and human traffickers, adding her identity was revealed in the final mission only. 

While speaking and sharing the experiences of her past life, the former Russian spy asserted, “When I was of 18-years-old, I was sent to a military academy, they showed us how to seduce, manipulate, convince people, how to shoot from different types of guns, how to do martial arts and be a perfect soldier on the field.” 

She then added, “You would need to make this person not just be nice to you but also fall in love in order to give the information you want because this person has to trust you”. 




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