World Bank looks forward to strengthen existing partnership with Egypt

World Bank expressed its desire to strengthen the already existing partnership with the Middle East country.

Cairo, Egypt: World Bank expressed its desire to strengthen the already existing partnership with the Middle East country. The statement was issued by WB during its recent meeting with the Egyptian Finance Minister Mohamed Maait with a delegation from the World Bank in the presence of its representative in Cairo, Marina Wes.

“The bank is eager to grow more areas of the cooperation with Egypt, particularly in assisting with the forthcoming – COP27 climate summit, which is scheduled for the month of November”, the bank asserted.


World Bank’s Delegation further appreciated the efforts of the Egyptian administration in economic reform. The international bank then noted that the middle east country had made tremendous steps to reach a balance between preserving economic progress as well as supporting the destitute groups.

The Finance Minister further also appreciated the efforts of the country in providing support to the remarkable development process, which has been witnessed by several government’s of the countries.

Following the statement, he added, “Our government is moving towards energetically in regards to the execution of the national project for the development of the Egyptian countryside”.

Highlighting more about the programme, the finance minister noted that this programme is aimed to improve the lives of the around 60% population of the middle east country.

Apart from this, he then added the World Bank in its recently released report findings predicted that Egypt will witness a growth rate of the economy to 5.5% by the month of June, in the ongoing year. The middle east country will have economic stability, as predicted by the World Bank.

He then also called for a need to find numerous ways of assisting the developing countries, especially those who have been facing challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which will assist these countries in reviving the economy.




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