Zimbabwean preacher, Ismail Mufti Menk says ‘Dubai is my second home’

Dr Ismail Mufti Menk, who is a Zimbabwean preacher and renowned Islamic scholar, said that Dubai is his second home.

Dr Ismail Mufti Menk, who is a Zimbabwean preacher and renowned Islamic scholar, said that Dubai is his second home.

Everything that happens in the Emirate is with a touch of class, said the preacher during an Iftar event conducted by Al Manar Islamic Centre.

Dr Ismail further stated, “The events and programmes in Dubai are always very well organised and managed even though citizens attend in large numbers.”

The annual Iftar was conducted by Al Manar Islamic Centre for diplomatic missions, various religious heads, and university deans from all over UAE.

The Dubai-based centre functions under the patronage of Sheikha Hind bint Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum.

Dr Menk further emphasised on how Islam ensures respect for all human beings regardless of their colour, faith, background or nationality.

In an important message, Dr Menk mentioned Islamic values of compassion, peace and the requirement for a collaborative effort to dispel misunderstandings and the responsibility of getting the knowledge of the right perspective.

“If we understand that we have the same parents, source and direction, then we will know to respect everyone even when we differ and oppose strongly. But the element of respect will also mark tremendous growth because of the stability, peace, security in any place on earth.”

Dr Menk also shed light on tackling multinational issues and environmental threats. “It is essential to help others as humankind, to bear in mind that we share the same earth and whatever the planet goes through, like global warming and other environmental risks, we are all affected. We must be very reliable for managing the environment and all other factors that harm the earth.”

Deputy Consul General of the UK, Alison Hall and Noboro Sekiguchi, Consul General of Japan, said Dr Menk’s speech touched them with regards to ‘Respecting each other.’


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