30,000 Iftar meals distributed in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi since Ramadan’s start

Around 30,000 Iftar meals have been given out to the drivers till now at various traffic signals in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi since the start of Ramadan.

Around 30,000 Iftar meals have been given out to the drivers till now at various traffic signals in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi since the start of Ramadan.

The distribution of Iftar meals, which contains a box having drinks and meals, is part of the “Feed and Reap Ramadan” initiative, which is now being executed by the Police officers in Abu Dhabi and Absher Ya Watan.


The initiative also covers selected busy roads in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. A team of volunteers have come forward to help police to distribute the Iftar meal boxes to the motorists.

A statement that was issued by the police stated that the initiative aims at providing Iftar meals to motorists who are not able to reach their homes at the time to break their fast hence they violate the traffic rules and in order to stop them from doing so, this initiative was launched.

The statement further added, “The initiative not only reflects the spirit of the sacred month, but it also helps avoid road accidents caused by speeding.”

The head of the Absher Ya Watan Volunteer Team, Somaya Mubarak Al Kathiri, stressed upon the importance of encouraging solidarity and social cohesion during the holy month of Ramadan and implementing initiatives that benefit the society and also increase the concept of happiness, cooperation as well as maintaining humanitarian values.

She said, “Volunteering is a national duty and society’s moral obligation.”

Absher Ya Watan and Abu Dhabi Police earlier announced that they would be giving out more than 2,500 boxes of meals and drinks every day to drivers at different traffic signals in Abu Dhabi city and Al Ain during Iftar time throughout the month of Ramadan.


Officials said that a total of 90,000 Iftar boxes would be given out to drivers throughout the holy month.

Tariq Saeed


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