Ajman police conducted a seminar on : “Safety of Your Vehicle is your safety”

On 14th October 2023 UAE's Ajman police conducted a seminar with theme "safety of your vehicle is your safety"

The general command of Ajman police, representing the traffic and police administration, held a seminar on Saturday. The seminar was based on the theme of “safety of your vehicle is your safety.”

This traffic-related seminar was part of the vital campaigns approved by the Federal Traffic Council for 2023. These campaigns were introduced to ensure road safety and safe transportation with the use of modern-age traffic systems.


Rasid Hamid bin Hindi, the Deputy Director of the Ajman Police, stated during the seminar that these kinds of campaigns are being organised to spread awareness among vehicle owners and other road users.

The seminar will also aware driver to adopt the preventative measures for vehicle safety, the safety of tiers, and periodic inspection of their vehicles.

Drivers must ensure to follow the traffic rules and regulations along with the routine vehicle maintenance and replacement of the damaged parts as soon as earlier. It is noteworthy That regular inspection of vehicles can help the drivers to detect any major defects in vehicles. These major defects, if not corrected on time, sometimes cause accidents.

The Deputy Director of the Traffic and Patrol Department of Ajman police also confirmed that this campaign also includes to aware the general public along with drivers.
Ajman police confirmed that Community members will be made aware by using the audio, video and print mediums.

A Ajman Police spokesperson while speaking during the Seminar, confirmed that awareness lectures are being organised in many government institutions, civil society institutions, hospitals, and private sector institutions, with the aim of educating the employees on why and how regular maintenance of vehicles can ensure the road safety which is essential not for them but also for other road users.

Speaking on the occasion, Rashid Hamid Bin Hindi advised the drivers, road users, and the general public to comply with the Instructions on traffic laws so that reduction of road accidents can be ensured.

Tariq Saeed

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