Daily Vlogger and cyclist Hels on Wheels explores Al Ain; shares experience

Daily vlogger and blogger, popularly known as ‘Hels on Wheels’ across social media platforms, is a full-time Global Hobo cyclist who travels the world on her cycle and shares her experience through photos and youtube vlogs.

Hels on Wheels‘ shares her cycling journey to unknown small towns along with the number of kilometres she cycled through her everyday vlogs.


Daily Vlogger and cyclist Hels on Wheels explores Al Ain; shares experience
Photo Courtesy: Hels on Wheels

This talent had helped her gain 1.9k family on her Facebook account.

Recently, the global hobo cyclist shared her experience of cycling in a small town in Oman, Al Ain. On the 266 day of her cycling journey, she cycled for 49km (68001 km).

While sharing her cycling experience, ‘Hels on Wheels wrote:-

The pre-dawn call to prayer woke me, and so with a big day ahead, rather than return to sleep, I got ready and was on the road for sunrise.


The highway here cuts through sand dunes, punctuated only by the occasional convenience store, none of which sold coffee. Parked up at one such little shop, I glared at the driver impatiently slamming his horn to summon the shop attendant out. 

When I came to pay, I found the same man had covered my breakfast. Ouch, it serves me right. During the final few kilometres in Oman, I was gifted water, nuts, and a souvenir scarf by various kind Omani drivers. Nizwa recognised me by a pair driving to Qatar to watch England Senegal; they promised to cheer on my behalf.

I exited Oman without difficulty despite my online visa extension still being ‘pending’, supposedly awaiting payment. Sad to have left Oman, I wasn’t immediately excited to be back in the UAE, but in typically felicitous scheduling, I’d arrived in time to witness National Day celebrations. I’m being hosted by Sarah, who sent me an invite via Facebook. As a teacher in Al Ain, she offered me – in return for a few Q and A sessions with the kids – to attend her school’s celebrations.

 I got to eat all manner of Emirati food, hold a falcon, and watch the hypnotic Emirati men’s traditional dancing. The kids seemed genuinely intrigued by the notion of cycling across countries. It was fascinating to hear through their questions what interests them the most about my trip ( a very pleasant change from the routine adult questions of how many kilometres? How heavy is your bike? Etc..)

@Crank Masters, too invited me on Instagram to come by their workshop, where the mystery clanking was resolved. It emanated from a loose sprocket lock. They switched out my dodgy tyre for the spare I’ve carried from England and gave Gibbo a good clean. Otherwise, I used my time to sew, glue, patch, dye, and wash items. 

I received my Saudi visa and applied for a Qatar Hayya card. With ten days to get from here to Doha in time for the final, it will be a rush, but if the wind is on my side, I should be alright.


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