Delivery Rider saves woman from being abducted in Dubai

A Delivery Rider in Dubai saved a woman as two strangers were trying to kidnap her from the street with the use of a teaser gun.

A Delivery Rider in Dubai saved a woman as two strangers were trying to kidnap her from the street with the use of a teaser gun.

The Dubai Court of First Instance got a report that the delivery rider was on his duty at International City when he witnessed two men trying to assault and kidnap a woman from the middle of the road.


The delivery rider said on record, “They were intimidating her with a teaser gun and attacking her, even as she attempted to stop them. They wanted her to get inside a car when I interrupted to save the woman.”

Shortly, other people also came to the spot and helped thwart the attempt, though the kidnappers managed to flee the spot.

“Dubai Police arrived shortly at the scene, and the woman was saved,” the delivery rider further added.

Dubai Police undertook a search operation and has also arrested the attackers with the help of statements from the woman as well as the delivery rider. One of the kidnappers told police officials that the woman’s brother had made a plan to kidnap his sister over some financial disputes.

The attackers further claimed that the woman’s brother had paid them Dh15,000 individually to come to the United Arab Emirates and help him in kidnapping the woman. He booked the tickets for them and has also rented a flat and a car to finish the kidnapping. The woman’s brother has also been arrested by the Dubai Police.

Further investigation disclosed that the brother had planned the whole scene as he wanted to force his sister into paying back a loan that he had taken from someone.


The three wrongdoers were sentenced to three years of imprisonment and will also be deported for the same. The verdict is still subject to appeal within the next 15 days.

Tariq Saeed

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