Dominica’s Secret Bay is recognised as No #1 in Caribbean for second time in three years

Secret Bay Resort of the Commonwealth of Dominica has been named the No #1 in the Caribbean, Bermuda and The Bahamas for 2022 by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Secret Bay Resort of the Commonwealth of Dominica has been named the No #1 in the Caribbean, Bermuda and The Bahamas for 2022 by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Secret Bay was recognised as the top resort by the World’s Best Awards reader’s survey for the second time in three years in the region.

The World’s Best Awards survey conducted by Travel and Leisure asks its readers every year to weigh in on travel experiences in the world to share their opinions about the top cities, islands, spas, cruise ships, airlines and more.

Readers ranked various islands as per their qualities in a matter of activities, sights, natural attractions, beaches, food, friendliness and all-around value.

The general manager of Secret Bay resort, Dinesh Kissoon, stated that they are esteemed and humbled to be acknowledged by Travel and Leisure and its readers as the No 1 resort in the Caribbean region for a second time.

“This would not be possible without our devoted team and loyal guests who inspire us. Over the past couple of years, we have been reminded just how essential travel is to nourishing our souls, so we are excited to celebrate this distinction with our peers as travel once again becomes an enduring pastime.”

Launched in 2011, Secret Bay has been heartily called as the secluded six-star, all-villa resort, which comprises of magnificent and residential-style villas. Each villa consists of a private plunge pool and dedicated villa host, an on-call attendant, access to secret beach chefs as well as guides, and transformative experiences made particularly for each guest.

The award-winning villas of Secret Bay have gained world recognition for their artful fusion of high design and local craftsmanship, forming open-air luxury residences amid nature’s lush embrace.

As a Green Globe-certified resort composed entirely of sustainably- sourced materials, Secret Bay is situated in a beautiful equilibrium that consists of every trait of sustainability and eco-tourism.

The magic of the place will leave anyone spellbound with its luxurious resort amenities that complete the most unrivalled island escape. The opulence of Dominica can be experienced by visiting or staying at the most luxurious eco tourist resorts, which makes tourists’ visits exciting and worth giving.

The Secret Bay’s majestic riverside Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion, Zamann Watersports Hut, treetop Gommier Spa, Zing Zing restaurant, cliff edge Vetiver Sunset Deck, and other first-class elements are breathtakingly impressive. Both within and beyond resort grounds await a host of perspective-shifting, life-altering experiences.

Known for its remote locale, hyper-personalized service, private accommodations with plunge pools,chef-driven epicurean culinary experience, island-to-table dining and no menu concept, and wellness offerings, Secret Bay has won the hearts of thousands and hundreds of people seeking an under-the-radar luxury hideaway.

Secret Bay has been praised for its ability to effortlessly capture the luxury of time as it consists of numerous green and eco-friendly initiatives.

The resort has recently disclosed its newest amenities, such as Mouben Welcome House, Gwiyavye’ Lap Pool and Bar and Zing Zing Lounge – which are inspired by biophilic design and embrace the resort’s nature and sustainability design ethos. Through these additions, the government of Dominica is working to promote eco-tourism and preserve its natural resources.

Secret Bay is unique in its diversity: two beaches, the Cario River, a spectacular marine cave and two different micro climates. Now, the resort is establishing itself as one of the best boutique hotels in the Caribbean and even in the world.

Besides Travel and Leisure, Secret Bay has been recognized by The Knot as one of the ‘best places for a honeymoon’, by Harper’s Bazaar, among the ‘best resorts’ by the magazine Islands as one of the best luxury resorts in the Caribbean ‘by Smith Hotel Awards and by CNN’ as the perfect place for a breakaway on an island.

Moreover, The TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards also recognized Secret Bay in the following categories: Luxury, Small Hotels, Romance and Service. Additionally, in 2015, Secret Bay received the Andrew Harper Grand Prize for the Caribbean Region, earned Green Globe certification in 2019, and was accepted in Relais and Chateaux in 2019.

TripAdvisor has also praised the resorts that make big impressions with its most-life enriching places on the planet that are set off the beaten track.

Hence, all these exquisite beauties become the reason to get recognition as the No #1 Island in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas as the country has topped the chart in their first appearance on the prestigious list.

The country is continuously offering visitors incredible beauty through its truly luxurious projects, such as Grand Bay Resort and Tranquility Beach resort which fulfil every measure of eco-tourism and sustainability.

Dominica is a haven for adventure travellers for anyone who wants to experience hiking, waterfalls, hot springs and lakes, cultural events/festivals, diving and water sports, canyoning adventures and whale/dolphin watching.

Besides this, Dominica consists of nine active volcanoes on the island, providing its lakes and rivers with extremely warm temperatures, especially Boiling Lake, which reaches temperatures above 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, the country offers a variety of tailored accommodation preferences ranging from eco-friendly travellers to luxury seekers. All hotel offerings remain aligned with the island’s promise to cater to its travelling guests while keeping its sustainability promise.

The Nature Isle of the Caribbean is widely recognized for its lush green forests and sustainable tourism offerings. Dominica has 365 rivers, more than 300 miles of hiking trails and more than 170 bird species. It is also known as the home to one of the last indigenous tribes in the world- the Kalinago.

With all these splendid beauties, Dominica emerged as one of the worth considering options for the travellers, due to which it gained consideration in the list despite being nominated for the first time.

The funds generated by the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica have been wisely used by its government in various development projects. Secret Bay is also a government-approved real estate project under the CBI Programme.

The country has been renowned for having the world’s best CBI programme with its rigorous due-diligence process. Launched in 1993, the alternative citizenship of Dominica offers true benefits to the investors, such as portfolio diversification and the opening of the doors of substantial business opportunities.

The CBI programme of Dominica has also been ranked as the world’s number one for five consecutive years in a row by the CBI Index by Financial Times of PWM Magazine.



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