Dubai: Court announces 3 yrs imprisonment to African national for stealing Dh10,000, a wallet and a phone

A 35-year-old African national has been sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment by the Dubai Criminal Court for stealing.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: A 35-year-old African national has been sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment by the Dubai Criminal Court for stealing. The man, with the assistance of other culprits, stole an amount of Dh10,000, a wallet and a phone from two Asian individuals.

As per reports, the accused also assaulted the victims while threatening to kill them with a knife. Dubai Police officials detained the culprit, along with the stolen cell phone.


The incident dates back to September 2021. One of the victims filed a complaint, stating that he, along with his friend, was robbed by men when they both were on their way back to their home in the Al Quoz Industrial area of Dubai.

The complainant further informed that the culprits had beaten his friend, giving him injuries on his hand and back, and then stole the mobile phone, money and wallet, including a debit card, before they fleed the location.

One of the investigative officers of the case informed that soon the police received the information of the incident, they rushed to the crime place, and the victims were immediately admitted to the hospital.

During the investigation, a search operation was launched by the police authorities that resulted in the detention of the accused.

When the police caught the culprit with the cell phone, it was ringing, after which the Dubai police officers asked the accused to take and put the phone on speaker.

The caller turned out to be the owner of the mobile phone. The police then seized the phone, asking the owner to come and take his phone from the police station.


The culprit admitted his crime and said they all “planned to rob people in Al Quoz industrial area”. He added that stealing the cell phone was his part of involvement in the crime in return for money. The Dubai police is in search of other culprits.


Tariq Saeed

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