Dubai: Court uphelds life imprisonment for Kyrgyzstan man who murders employer

A 23-year-old mechanic who was convicted of murdering his employer in a sustained attack driven by a row of overtime off work is reported to lose an appeal against his life imprisonment.

A 23-year-old mechanic who was convicted of murdering his employer in a sustained attack driven by a row of overtime off work is reported to lose an appeal against his life imprisonment.

The individual from Kyrgyzstan was found guilty of intentionally killing his employer in April 2021 by the Dubai Criminal Court after stabbing the victim many times with a hammer before hitting him repeatedly in his neck.


It was reported that the mechanic worked at a car repair shop in Dubai’s Al Quoz industrial area at the time of the incident. He got in a dispute with his employer over the date of his flight back home for vacation.

In June 2020, he waited for his co-workers to take a break and leave the site before he locked the main gate of the premises.

He then entered his employer’s office with a hammer and knife and carried out the brutal attack.

He left both the weapons in the garage and walked out of his boss’s office. Other workers found the victim’s dead body and immediately called the police. Officers located the wrongdoer at an address near to his nation’s embassy in Dubai and arrested him.

A police official stated in court evidence that he confessed to the murder and said he was going to the embassy to ask them for help in order to leave the country.

A medical report confirmed that the victim died because of multiple head injuries and stab wounds.


The assaulter admitted to charges of carrying out an intended murder.

He then filed the Dubai Court for an appeal to change his punishment of life imprisonment.

The Dubai Appeal Court upheld the lower court’s verdict, meaning the Kyrgyzstan man will be serving a life imprisonment, which is equal to 25 years, before being deported from the UAE.


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